Achieve emotional well-being with wellness coaching! As a Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, and Add Heart Facilitator, I can teach you effective tools and strategies so you can find peace in your life & your relationships. If you’re interested in practicing mindfulness and retrain your mind to improve your emotional wellness, sign up for my 21-Day Mindfulness Program.

My wellness coaching areas:

  • Mindfulness (including HeartMath)
  • Emotion Management
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Work-Life Balance

21-Day Mindfulness Program

For the first three weeks, I will teach you several new mindfulness exercises, and you will choose one new exercise to try every day. You’ll receive a link to a handout that includes descriptions of the exercises and links to the exercises that have audio guides or worksheets, with a section in the handout to track your progress. You can choose to meet daily (except for Sundays) or once a week, but I recommend that we meet for a brief time daily and go through the exercises together. Here’s what we will focus on:

  • Week 1:  Mindful Awareness of the Present Moment
  • Week 2: Awareness of Thoughts and Emotions
  • Week 3:  Awareness of Self and With Others
  • Week 4: Make a Long-term Mindfulness Plan

Schedule your first coaching call today, on my booking site or the TaskHuman wellness app (Apple / Android), and get ready to retrain your mind, reduce your stress, and improve your relationships!