2018 Piano Marvel YouTube Competition Winners Announced

The 2018 Piano Marvel YouTube Competition finalists and winners were announced last week. You can view the results here… READ MORE

Piano Marvel SASR Challenge: Improve Your Sight Reading Dramatically

This past fall I decided it was time for me to finish my certification to become an official Piano Marvel Instructor. Which meant that it was time for me to get serious about the SASR, Piano Marvel’s incredible sight reading tool, and take on the 30-Day SASR Challenge…READ MORE

Piano Marvel Sale: Hurry to Get the Lowest Price on a Premium Account!

Check out the Piano Marvel Sale, with great gift ideas just in time for the holidays. Give your child the gift of music this Christmas! Lowest price ever on 1 Year Premium Membership…READ MORE

Piano Marvel Christmas Music: Try it for Free

I was excited to see that my kids have so many options for Piano Marvel Christmas music! We all love Christmas music in our family, and it brings so much joy into our home when we play Christmas songs on the piano. Now that Piano Marvel has an agreement with Hal Leonard…READ MORE

Piano Marvel 5-Day Challenge: Learn a Level 5 Song in 5 Days

Piano Marvel sent me an email with a Piano Marvel 5-Day Challenge: learn The Last Rose (Level 5) in 5 days. Take a look at the YouTube video of Aaron Garner (the composer & CEO of Piano Marvel) performing the song. The song is a little tricky because it’s in F minor, with four flats…READ MORE

Piano Marvel YouTube Competition

Every year, my kids get a chance to participate in the Piano Marvel YouTube competition. It’s for kids ages 5-19. The competition is a great way to motivate my kids to choose challenging songs and perfect them, especially since I don’t host formal recitals. My kids also get inspired by the amazing performances…READ MORE

New Feature: Piano Marvel Prepare Mode

Our family has been wanting this feature for years, and it’s finally available on Piano Marvel! It’s Piano Marvel Prepare Mode, and it can be used when you’re learning how to play a new song. It waits for you as you play. Now there are two modes: Prepare Mode and Assess Mode…READ MORE

Inside a Piano Marvel Classroom: Group Piano Lessons for Kids with Piano Marvel

I was curious to see how kids use Piano Marvel in a group setting, so I visited a local piano classroom that uses Piano Marvel. The music teacher had been teaching group piano lessons for kids for the past two years, and she had a lot of great ideas I want to share…READ MORE

Sight Reading for Piano

I LOVE the Sight Reading section of Piano Marvel!  It’s perfect to practice sight reading for piano. The tool is called the SASR (Standard Assessment for Sight Reading). The SASR is for you to see what level in piano you’re at, and it can also be used to practice your daily sight reading…READ MORE

Piano Marvel Library: Hundreds of Hal Leonard Pop Songs Now Included

Because of a deal Piano Marvel made with Hal Leonard, most of the songs are now free with a premium account. Very few you have to pay for. There are several popular songs that make learning piano more exciting…READ MORE

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